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Affordable Stump Grinding Service

Affordable Stump Grinding Service Roswell, GA

When you need professional stump grinding services, trust the experts at our company.

You’ve just cut down a tree in your yard and now you have to get rid of the stump. What do you do?

At Tree Services Roswell, we have the experience and equipment necessary to grinding any size stump quickly and efficiently. We offer free estimates so you know exactly what to expect before we start work.

Plus, our certified arborists are available year-round for all your tree care needs.

Consultation & Inspection

Consultation & Inspection

Our team assess the stump condition and determine if it is necessary to remove it. The arborist will inspect root for any signs of disease or damage that may make it unsafe to keep.

Estimate Approval

Estimate Approval

After inspection the situation of tree, our tree surgeon suggested a cost estimation to you and after your approval, we will be start working on your job.

Crew Assessment

Crew Assessment

Crew assessment is an important aspect of root grinding services. It involves evaluating the skills and abilities of the crew members to ensure that they are able to perform the tasks required of them safely and effectively.

Stump Grinding Process

Stump Grinding

This is typically done using a specialized machine called a stump grinder, which has a rotating blade or wheel that grinds the stump into small pieces.

Clean Up Tree Debris

Clean Up Tree Debris

Once the root has been removed or grind, the area must be cleaned up and any debris disposed of properly. This may include chipping or mulching the branches, or disposing of the tree in a responsible manner.

After Care Procedure

After Care Procedure

After the stump grinding process, it is important to follow proper aftercare procedures to ensure that the area remains safe and healthy. This may include installing a new tree or shrub, or taking other steps to protect the area.

Professional Root Removal Service in Roswell, GA

If you're looking for a professional stump removal or grinding service in Roswell, GA, then look no further!

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service when it comes to root removal. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to get rid of roots as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We understand that roots can cause a lot of damage to your property, so we take special care to make sure that the job is done right.

When it comes to root removal, our team has years of experience and expertise in providing timely, safe and effective services.

Professional Root Removal Service in Roswell, GA
How do Grinding Stumps Effectively

How We Grinding Stumps Effectively?

Stump grinding is a process in which a machine called a stump grinder is used to remove the stump of a tree that has been cut down.

The grinder has a rotating blade that grinds the stump into wood chips and mulch. The grinding process usually takes a few hours to complete and leaves the area where the tree once stood looking clean and smooth.

Stump grinding is often done to remove the eyesore of a stump and make room for new landscaping or construction projects. It is also useful for preventing the regrowth of new trees from the stump. 

There are several options for removing a stump without grinding:

  1. Digging: This method involves using a shovel or spade to manually dig around the stump to expose the roots. Once the roots are exposed, they can be cut and the stump can be lifted out of the ground. This method is labor-intensive and may require the use of additional tools, such as a pickax or pry bar.
  2. Using chemicals: Another option is to use a chemical stump remover, which is a product that is applied to the stump and helps to soften and rot the wood over time. This method can take several months to fully remove the stump, but it is a chemical-free option.
  3. Burning: If the stump is small enough, it can be burned down using a controlled fire. This method is only recommended if it is safe to do so and all necessary precautions are taken.
  4. Using a lever: If the stump is small enough, it may be possible to use a lever to lift it out of the ground. This method requires the use of additional tools, such as a crowbar or a pry bar, and may require the help of multiple people.

After stump grinding, the roots of the tree are typically ground down into small pieces and left in the ground. The process of stump grinding involves using a machine with a rotating blade to grind the stump and roots into small chips or sawdust.

These chips and sawdust can then be removed or left in place, depending on the preferences of the property owner. In some cases, the roots may be left in place to decompose naturally over time.

In other cases, the roots may be removed and disposed of in order to prepare the area for new landscaping or construction projects.

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